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We are all familiar with the saying “charity begins at home”, but what is considered “home”? It is said, “home is where your heart is” and we all agree that a little piece of our heart is still back in Sri Lanka. It is in giving back that we feel complete, helping and investing in one another. The following are some examples of coming together to give back to our Alma Mater over the years.


HFC Alumni Association will raise $20,000 from this year’s (2022) Gala event to support our young female children at our alma mater. Together we can empower and elevate our young today so that they can lead successful lives in the future.

With the support of our fellow Familians and Friends, we plan to help the most vulnerable young children gain language proficiency, acquire computer literacy, learn to adopt in their classrooms and experience fullness of life.

Here’s why your kindness matters:

  • Help 25 slow learners in grade 5 by offering extra classroom support in the weekends. Not every child learns the same way or at the same pace. They are offered one on one support to keep up with their peers in the regular classrooms. They are also offered learning materials and food while at the program. ($2,000).
  • Help 50 children in grades 1 - 4 attend 24 English camps/yr. These camps offer the children a curriculum especially designed for young learners. They practice their speaking, grammar, listening, reading and writing skills & learn new vocabulary. ($1,726.00)

  • The young children can greatly benefit from early training in essential computer skills. Computers play a huge role in our daily lives and its important that every child learns computer basics such as using the keyboard to input and utilize many functions. Its every child’s dream to become computer savvy, now more than ever.

We ask your kind support to help us, help these children achieve the above goals. Please give generously.

Together we can support them today and empower them for tomorrow. We thank you in advance for your kind and generous contribution. Thank You!

Past Projects

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The JHFC AA Canada Endowment Fund

The Purpose

The JHFC AA Canada Endowment Fund (hereinafter referred to as the “Canada Fund”) is being established to fund annual “Canada Awards” to encourage the students of JHFC to excel in a wide area of school curriculum and to fund an annual award to teachers who have “gone above and beyond” to demonstrate exemplary efforts to enhance the education of his/her students.

The Vision

The setting up of the Canada Fund is to enable JHFC, its faculty and students to foster a learning environment that encourages continuous improvement through rewards for exhibiting excellence in a wide variety of academic activities and teaching.

Canada Awards Program

1. Canada Student Award (CSA)

Canada Student Award is presented each year to:

i. Students from grades 5 to 10 (6 in all), who achieve highest overall academic standard in their respective grades.

ii. Students from grades 9 and 10, who achieve highest mark in Mathematics and Science (4 in all)

iii. Finally, for students in Grades 11 and 12, who achieve the highest overall average in each of the Science, Mathematics, Commerce, and the Arts streams (8 in all).

2. Canada Teacher Award (CTA)

Canada Teachers Award is presented each year to five teachers selected by the Principal of JHFC and JHFC PPA who has demonstrated the exemplary efforts and shown results in furthering his/her students learning achievements.


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